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The feature allows users to connect with the people (often strangers) located in a close proximity.Usually, We Chat would show you nearly ~40-50 people living within a ~20km distance.Add a cool We Chat ID, something like David_California_USA or David_ Software_Engineer (once setup, the We Chat ID can’t be modified).Well, We Chat, the most popular messaging App in China, has a nearby feature/function.The more you answer; the more supplementary questions would follow.That’s why when I go on a date with a Chinese girl, I try to keep my mouth shut to the best possible extent and let them do most of the talking.In fact, the girls would keep asking you questions and simultaneously try to find inconsistencies in your answers – and you’ll be asked to clarify accordingly (more questions).

There will be tons of questions that you may have to answer.The next question was – how can you work for two years, have Masters’, and still complete Ph D by 28. Let me now share with you another story about the same question – how old are you?I met this woman by enabling the We Chat nearby function.In order to fully utilize We Chat dating features, you’ll need to set up a good profile.For example, make sure to add a great profile picture.

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The users seen in the “nearby list” are those who have enabled We Chat nearby function on their phone, and hence are supposedly available for a social text interactions or beyond.

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