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In a selection quiz, each answer will give a certain weight.

For instance, answer A will gain you 10 points while answer B will gain you 5.

He's a pretty good dude most of the time, and you care about him a lot, and you know he feels the same way about you. Does he like me because he’s truly interested or is he looking at my body? This quiz for highschool girls who are looking to know if this boy likes her for her body or for her personality.

Or - maybe there's this one guy you don't know that well yet, but would love to be better acquainted with. The results have a opinionated tone that the personality is better.

At the end of the test, the reader will find out what range they fall into.

This gives them a good idea of what kind of boyfriend or girlfriend they are. In this test, each of the answers puts you into a category.

From what you can see from a distance, he's got awesome characteristics, and you'd like to know if you'd like to know more. You might complain about your guy sometimes - he leaves the toilet seat up..chews with his mouth open..laugh sounds like Ernie from Sesame Street (and is kind of annoying when you're mad at him! He might even be a jerk sometimes, but at the end of the day, he's YOUR jerk. If you wish to have him like you for your body, it will still tell you so, but ignore the opinionated comments. If you're wondering, "Is he REALLY interested in me? I wanted to make a quiz to help bring perspective to people who are in a relationship with someone who undermines them and doesn't treat them well.

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Often, these are related to love or disabled dating.

These tests are completely unscientific and are written for amusement value only. However, if a trained psychologist is working on the project and wants to make it a scientific test rather than just a fun one, it can take days or even weeks.

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