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When he stumbles upon the product of human evolution, a choice will be made. The Story of Luke Sheltered by his grandparents, Luke, a young man with autism, is thrust into a world that doesn't expect anything from him. Now, at the beginning of a new age, the Reapers are betrayed and slaughtered. Hilltop Cemetery When grandfather Billie died, the only thing left to his grandsons, Josh and Conner, was the responsibility of taking care of Hilltop Cemetery for a few days. The Car A young girl murdered in a Car, seeks to avenge her death from beyond the grave. The Bard: The Story of Robert Burns - Volume II Robert Burns, Scotland's greatest poet and writer of traditional Scottish folk songs.A Slight Twist Seeking to avenge her sisters' murder, Sarah a young ambitious lawyer stumbles across a high powered and well connected child organ trafficking racket... Only one Reaper remains - Red, and she's out to exact revenge. Face Value When a promising young boxer trained by his father signs with a slick promoter, an old grudge surfaces between the promoter and the father... His works are known and loved all over the world...Egos beware and hearts be damned, this beauty has unleashed her inner beast and all in her way must fall. In Harm's Way A gritty crime drama about the interconnecting lives of drug dealers, criminals, cops, a washed up actor, a sociopath and an innocent man and woman all on a deadly collision course with each other. The Significant Other When operating a Bed and Breakfast it's better to be married? Clara will find that her fictitious husband may cost her the love of her life... The Ides of March An idealistic staffer for a newbie presidential candidate gets a crash course on dirty politics during his stint on the campaign trail. Gifts from Eykis An intelligent female being from another Universe can save the world before it's too late by sharing her secret gifts with the professor who found and fell in love with her.Seberg An ambitious young FBI agent is assigned to investigate iconic actress Jean Seberg when she becomes embroiled in the tumultuous civil rights movement in late 1960s Los Angeles.They go to Aspen to pursue the booming trend of dating cougars: hot older women who prey on hot young guys. Discursion A survivor of warfare born chemical attack, Cassie Becker faces a new world of terrible realization... Once Upon a Christmas Dream Once Upon A Christmas Dream is a new family Christmas film bringing the imagination of two young kids... 1) IZZY LEGIT: Geek To Guru, a romantic comedy feature following... Coriolanus 6.6/10 A banished hero of Rome allies with a sworn enemy to take his revenge on the city.Art of the Heist She is a bullet in a dress: Beautiful female cop, who has had to turn in her badge, becomes a guest at a blue-blood benefit in a castle-like winery... Waiting in the Wings A truth comes to life, about the daily survival of our feathered friends in the wild with a comedic and emotional twist.But fate intervenes, when Alex realizes the key to financial freedom lies simply in doing the work that nobody has time to do--writing term papers. Renaissance Girl An overly serious 18-year-old girl is forced to work at a Renaissance Faire in order to pay for college.

Behavior When the daughter of a prominent Senator is murdered, there aren't any shortage of suspects. The Chicago 8 Based on actual court transcripts of 8 anti-war protesters on trial for conspiring to cause riots at... Le critique A film critic loses himself into an immoral wasteland and does bad things to people. Cade's apathy culminates into a manic party, where Cade must finally face his demons, or die trying. Gripped The story is about a married couple that hate each other and are heading for a divorce when they are... Cousin Sarah A mother and daughter living in Northern California get an unexpected visit from their cousin who is harboring a dark secret. Chrome Skull: Laid to Rest 2 "Chrome Skull" is the sequel to the 2009 horror hit "Laid to Rest." It brings back Chrome Skull, who barely...

Suspicion Darrell Jacobs, a retired member of the mafia, who is dying of lung cancer, unknowingly puts a college student, Alicia Foret's life in jeopardy when they begin meeting in public.

Immortals Greek warrior Theseus battles against imprisoned titans. A darkly comedic portrait of Chip Seinfeld- the degenerate, cocaine-addicted "brother" of Jerry Seinfeld... A Alex Fellar is a bright and articulate--yet impoverished--college student. raises a new generation - led by a man called Senior Torres.

Disturbance Three children from a "perfect family" come to terms with the break up of their parents and the sudden Poltergeist that attacks them in their once friendly country farm house. Opious About a group of ghost hunters that arrive to investigate a said to be haunted inn and stumble upon a journal. What will happen when the killer decides to take on a new victim? Frankenstein: The Day of the Beast We know the story; we've seen the movies.

Grave Encounter Otis Harte is about to find out that choices sometimes have consequences that are difficult to accept. The ghost hunters then must close a porthole from hell, that's accidentally opened, before the sun rises the next morning. You may think that it's impossible to have a new approach to Frankenstein... Scream Queen Campfire When their van breaks down, 5 scream queens are on their way to a horror convention have to go out to the woods to camp out. Monday Radio commentator, Thomas Bach, meets a woman who sees his true nature.

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