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"I want them to know that Michelle and Barack Obama—who have a phenomenal marriage and who love each other—we work on our marriage and we get help with our marriage when we need it.""Because we're role models," she told The former first couple had only recently gone on a trip to Palm Springs, Calif., that was just the two of them, as in no kids and no famous friends, and Michelle reflected on how nice that was."We swam, we sat, and he wrote because he's still writing his book. Her written recollections span the duration of her life, from girlhood and law school to what it was like in 2017 to leave the keys to the castle in the hands of Donald and Melania Trump(who, Michelle says, has called her for advice, though the line remains open)."By the time we got on that plane and closed the door, I wept," Obama told Parker. What we did, and how we had to do it, was .'"But it's the intimate look at her family life that has proved particularly relatable for so many.Among the most personal revelations: After Michelle suffered a miscarriage, which she describes in the book as a "lonely, painful, and demoralizing experience" for her, the Obamas proceeded with IVF to help conceive both of their daughters, Malia Obama, now 20, and Sasha Obama, 17.On a cross-country book tour since last year in support of her best-selling memoir, they had to add dates due to popular demand, naturally—Obama has made it clear that she and her husband of 26 years, former President Barack Obama, are at the end of the day only a couple of humans doing the best they can.Which may have come as a shock to the millions who've put them on a pedestal, not just individually but as a unit, the end-all and be-all of what marriage should look like.She, however, had assumed—judging by his unusual name and from all the hype she'd heard—that he would be "strange and overly intellectual." "I remember being struck by how tall and beautiful she was," he said in ."I had dated a lot of brothers who had this kind of reputation coming in, so I figured he was one of those smooth brothers who could talk straight and impress people."This relationship ended much like the one with Genevieve, when Obama was ready to make his next career move," Maraniss wrote.Once again, not so simple., which came out just last year, Obama proposed to Jager in 1986.

And by multiple accounts, including his own, he was instantly smitten."I had never taken the train downtown before.

And the Obamas have been to counseling—because Michelle was hoping the therapist could "fix" her husband."I wanted to bring him in to have another person tell him 'Get yourself together,'" she divulged in a sold-out sit-down with Oprah Winfrey at Chicago's United Center that marked the launch of her book tour in November."What I learned about myself," Obama concluded, "was that it's not my partner's job to make me happy. There's a part of me that was waiting for him to do for me, and I didn't need him to do it, I needed it done.

I was having arguments not about it getting done but about him doing it."Let's just say, none of it would've gotten done, and history very well might not have been made, if not for a few twists of fate.

So we had lunch, and he had this bad sport jacket and a cigarette dangling from his mouth and I thought, 'Oh, here you go. I've been down this road before.'"Later I was just shocked to find out that he really could communicate with people and he had some depth to him. There's a plaque now commemorating that momentous outing at Dorchester and East 53rd Street.

He turned out to be an elite individual with strong moral values."But that was the first lady talking by then. It reads, quoting Barack in , Michelle's eager suitor picked her up in an old yellow Datsun—a car the future president really did drive—after inviting her to a meeting at which, as a community organizer, he was scheduled to speak at. He showed his cultural side, and then we took a nice long walk down Michigan Avenue."It was Newton Minow and his wife who saw young Barack and Michelle at the movie theater that night."I think they were a little embarrassed," he told Mundy."She had all these little facts about him," Mary Carragher, who also worked at Sidley Austin, told the paper.

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