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The gelatin and chemicals have a recommended shelf life before they begin to degrade and ~theoretically~ become unusable.Often times you will see old film begin to show a color shift and lower sensitivity.The kind of thing that ends with me staring out a train window as I rumble across the great plains contemplating my victory and lamenting the losses I suffered for it?Most likely not, as I’m an early 40’s man perched on a small wooden stool next to the toilet in the dark.

I think a huge part of the fun in shooting with old cameras and materials is experiencing the unexpected results of time and manipulation.

By the time I’m done, I have a series of exposures ranging from two seconds up to about twenty seconds on one strip.

When developed this should tell me the rough ballpark for proper exposure time.

I, on the other hand, am crazy enough to think this might be something I can use.

Would this be a journey of discovery filled with adventure and self realization?

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Guest blog by Brent Bublitz The year is 1951, Alice in Wonderland has just hit the theaters in London. The average cost of a new home in the US was $9000, and this box of Kodak Velox has just expired.

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