Antivirus and antispyware protection not updating

It uses social engineering through emails to attempt to convince the user to open a Microsoft Word document and run its malicious macros.

Even more worrisome is that once they have infected a target, they attempt to take over the victims Microsoft outlook desktop application.

Every hour of every day, Bit Defender updates its virus database with the latest protection against viruses, scams and malware.

Then every time you download a new file with Vuze Plus, its built-in Bit Defender protection first checks to make sure it has downloaded new definitions within the last four hours.

Look in the 'plugins' folder for a sub-folder called "aeantivirus_v".

“I have been using SUPERAnti Spyware for a couple weeks at the suggestion of my computer tech guy. It seems to be helping my computer stay clean and running fast.” Scranos is a new player to the global malware scene that leverages many well-known and some new methods to obtain login credentials and bank information.

If not, then it immediately attempts to download the latest definitions and promptly scans your files.

This flaw has been present in Win RAR for 19 years but was just noticed earlier this year... Trick Bot is once again making itself known during tax season and attempting to steal your hard-earned money.

About the only thing that Vuze Plus doesn't protect your system from is El Chupacabra* While Bit Defender releases new antivirus updates hourly, in order to conserve system resources and offer users the most responsive experience, Vuze Plus retrieves these updates every four hours.

Occasionally during this process, something goes haywire and Vuze is unable to retrieve the absolute latest update from Bit Defender.

These malvertisements redirect their victims to various exploit kits such as Fallout and Grand Soft, which in turn will infect your machine with various malevolent payloads such as Vidar... Hancitor, also known as Chanitor, is known for dropping its payloads rather than downloading them post-infection, as well as for a unique phishing approach to trick users into downloading and activating Microsoft Word documents with malicious macros... Delivered through malicious spam campaigns, Loki focuses on stealing credentials off the victim computer and runs a keylogger.

Loki also communicates back to a Command and Control server (C&C) to report what it finds and to receive commands if needed... Serv Helper is a new backdoor with a downloader variant first appearing in November of 2018.

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