All my friends are dating except me

You don’t really need someone who is constantly agreeing to plans and then bailing on them the day of.

And while they can’t necessarily control their height, weight, age, race, education or income, they can certainly do better with their marketing: namely writing better profiles that attract women and writing better emails to stand out from the crowd.

Unless that boyfriend is just a terrible person who treats everyone like shit.

It’s hard to watch your friend become so passive with the guys she dates, but it’s also hard to sit there and deal with it, especially if she’s not going to do anything about it. She’s now married and shops at West Elm while you’re still buying your bookshelves at Target and drinking Diet Coke for breakfast.

This included: anyone I hooked up with and then added on Facebook just so that I remembered who I hooked up with, anyone who was always kind of a dick to me in high-school or college, and basically anyone who I don’t talk to anymore (shouldn’t talk to anymore based on principle and emotional health.) “You don’t *deserve* to be privy to my Facebook,” I whispered, as I digitally ostracized 120 people from my life. Like, life itself can be ridden with bullshit, so I don’t need humans to add to the problem. You'll know.“Let’s do a line before this baby shower! If friends with benefits is a thing you want to do, then do it up.

This sounds kind of pessimistic, but we all have friends who can make us feel like shit, and that’s not cool. ” or “Let’s end up at some rando’s apartment at 3am” are things you might not hear outright, but are things that generally happen when you’re with The Crazy Friend. It can be fun, stress-free, and can encompass all parts of a relationship you actually want without any real commitment.

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