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AA - Ryan sacked and the possibility of Rock being sacked/resigning high....NEW CLUB from the Papal Side - VK APPOINTED as MAnager Possibility of NEW CLUB from the TZ side - ????Wednesday 25/05/16 News is slowly filtering in regarding the AVA of players in clubs for the TZLC9.Some players have decided to exit the TZLC citing injuries or lack of time.

Headlines in the Late Morning Editions - BT with 75% possession WASTEFUL again!!) Big Daddy enters the records as he ends up being on the winning side of every trophy winning club this season!! (RW 1st Div Champions, Combined League Champions, AVGKL to KITFO for the LCF, AVGKL to AA for the ADCCF, AVGKL to PACU in their title winning match this morning!) Rock, Player Manager of AA will be resigning as AA Manager.He has also stated that he will be exiting the TZLC as he's tired after playing a match and also TZ because of the training and can't earn more money because he keeps snapping at his collegues and other big shots and therefore he spends more time repairing relationships then...... A big apology to Rock and everyone reading this as some prankster had entered the ADC Offices and typed in some some highly advanced software we can't erase the 3 lines above.... The TZLC and TZ will always welcome Rock back if and ever he wants to rejoin.He has always been an inspiration to every member and he will be dearly missed.

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