Alexander skarsgard is dating roda monroe

There’s plenty of Skarsgård to be seen in The Diary of A Teenage Girl, one of the highlights of this very sexy Sundance.Diary is the directorial debut of actress Marielle Heller, who wrote the screenplay adaptation of Phoebe Gloeckner’s graphic novel herself. ” is the first line of the movie, narrated from Minnie’s thoughts."I was really intrigued by the character and how complex he was," he says.

(she was out of the country at the time): “I haven’t worked with her yet, but I’m excited…If she’s a hologram again, I’ll throw a fit.” On romance rumors and if he’ll settle down: “It doesn’t affect me.And as Monroe grapples with both his looming guilt and desire for a pouty-mouthed sprite with just-budding breasts, the audience tries to nail down the axis of its own moral compass."That was the excitement," Skarsgård tells me in an empty screening room in the basement of New York's The Crosby Hotel.It's like, if someone is thinking about sex or having sex, they're always 'the slut' of the movie." It's these larger questions—and a fear of being bored—that has compelled the actor to pick ambivalent, oddball, and sometimes-marginalized characters.Even his next role, the iconic feral warrior raised by apes in , challenged him to confront lesser-exercised elements of his psyche.

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