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Let’s scale back to an example a bit less Orwellian, but still controversial – Florida Hospital Celebration Health.In select units of Florida Hospital Celebration Health, nurses and patient care technicians wear badges equipped with sensor technology capable of monitoring their location over the course of their shift. The technology enabled a few significant discoveries, primarily that the hospital had been understocking medicine at nurses’ stations, compelling nurses to travel further to retrieve necessary supplies.New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has gone so far as to vow that every patrol officer in the Big Apple will be wearing body cams by the end of 2019. First, it provides the American people with a new “source of truth,” much like fingerprint evidence did in the late 19 century.Second, it serves as a new, albeit controversial, method of promoting increased transparency and ensuring the proper application of police functions.If there is a legitimate business reason that outweighs reasonable expectations of privacy, you might be surprised at just what employers can legally do. Every employer-provided device is a window into how you work and who you are.

Other studies have demonstrated that the results in Rialto were not an aberration.Of those in favor, 33 percent would wear the technology to monitor and collect evidence of student behavior; 20 percent would do so to improve their teaching.Schools already leveraging or considering making the investment in body cam technology diffuse privacy concerns by vowing that they will only be used when it is “legitimate, proportionate and necessary.” Sometimes, we don’t know what we don’t know, which is why we measure instead of guess.Much of the interest in the use of body cams stems from “a growing recognition that the United States has a real problem with police violence.” In 2011, police officers killed two people in England and six people each in Germany and Australia.That same year in the United States, according to the FBI, police officers killed 404.

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Yet, multiple studies have demonstrated that teachers would be willing to wear body cams while instructing their students.

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