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As specified in the final rule, exceptions for food package III include (1) whole milk may be provided to children more than 2 years of age and to women with a qualifying condition; (2) state agencies have the flexibility to provide children and women the option of receiving commercial jarred infant food fruits and vegetables in lieu of the cash value voucher; and (3) infant formula may be provided in lieu of foods at 6 months of age. There are no publicly available data for estimating how many WIC participants nationwide receive food package III. It has also been suggested that how and when foods are introduced into the diet of infants influences the risk of food allergy in particular (NIAID, 2010). Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 122(5):984-991.

Each document posted on the site includes a link to the corresponding official PDF file on At the discretion of a health care provider, individuals may be considered, “medically fragile” and can receive food package III for either themselves or their children. § 246.3) WIC-eligible medical foods means certain enteral products that are specifically formulated to provide nutritional support for individuals with a qualifying condition, when the use of conventional foods is precluded, restricted, or inadequate. Individual states have policies regarding who may qualify under WIC. There exists no generally accepted definition (7 C. Such WIC-eligible medical foods must serve the purpose of a food, meal, or diet (may be nutritionally complete or incomplete) and provide a source of calories and one or more nutrients; be designed for enteral digestion via an oral or tube feeding; and may not be a conventional food, drug, flavoring, or enzyme. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in the health of medically fragile individuals, especially children, with appropriate nutrition preventing or mitigating significant neurodevelopmental deficiencies and being potentially life-saving. The revised WIC food packages can accommodate a wide range of medical conditions. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 102(7):911-913. This section summarizes the circumstances under which food package III can be issued and the extent to which the WIC food packages (all of the packages, including food package III) accommodate the dietary needs of individuals with food allergies and other food-triggered sensitivities. Examples include an infant with failure to thrive and an adult with a wired jaw.

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