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As stated earlier, only one’s helmet and armor color are customizable.

Exploration is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game.

The Player-Vs-Player (PVP) combat system is somewhat flawed.This often will cause the player to feel as though they’re wearing, “in-game blinders.” Equipment is, arguably, far too easy to obtain.During a quest, the player might easily stumble across two or three of the item that serves as a reward for the quest simply by opening two or three chests.Also, it’s far too tempting just to sit there with your shield up for the entire brawl.A “team” system is in place for PVP, which allows for groups of people to take sides in battles of a larger scale.

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Its landscapes are well designed and give off a wonderful fantasy atmosphere, while the colors are eye-popping and grab your attention immediately.

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