18 rules for celestial dating

Your shoulders will be tight, The backs of your eyes will burn, You will be uncomfortable without knowing why.

”Or even“If we had kids, would he be able to affirm for them all the amazing things about being black?Links submitted from accounts that exist solely or mainly to self-promote will be removed. Titles should be descriptive of content and not editorialized. Use the search bar to see if your submission has already been posted. You Tube view updates should only be posted for 1 million view milestones. These sort of images should be limited to one compilation self-post or Imgur album per event. Screenshots or links to Twitter reposts of content will be removed. LOONA (Hangul: 이달의 소녀, for Girl of the Month), stylized as LOOΠΔ, is a 12-member Korean girl group founded by Block Berry Creative.The only exception to this rule is for posts of fan-subbed LOONA content. If not, a moderator may ask you to resubmit your post with a better title. Gifs should be posted in the comments of a given video thread. These are banned, save for reaction videos depicting either LOONA themselves reacting or idols or other personalities reacting. Once a video has reached 10 million views, milestones should only be posted once every 5 million views. Fancams should be limited to one compilation self-post per event. Official broadcasts of performances (such as on music shows) may be posted as direct links, with separate posts per song in a given performance. Each month, a new solo song was released both to introduce a new member and to show the different styles that the girls are capable of.was always your answer It doesn’t matter what Angela taught you(and why do you think she looks that way?)Or that you would rather spend two hours Friday night detangling Than smear creamy poison on your scalp.

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